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What is a Word to HTML Converter?

HTML is a form of coding used to tag text files in the right format and can easily be readable on web pages. That is why we need a word to HTML converter to do all the work.

What Are the Important Pointers in Word to HTML Conversion?

Punctuations and Indexing
Using full stops, commas, paragraphs and capital letters is explained differently in HTML coding. This is simplified as follows:

  • Paragraphs use <p>at the beginning and </p> at the end.
  • Spaces in indexing use &ndashto represent –.
  • Page breaks use <br> at the beginning of the page break.
  • Headings use <h1><h2><h3> depending on the indexing.


This is the numbering of points or listing of words. They are represented as follows:

Word Editor

HTML Editor

1.      Word

2.      HTML

3.      Converter






·         Word

·         HTML

·         Converter








These are words that have pointers to a different URL. They are mostly used to show alternative links with additional information on the same topic. It is also an important factor in Search Engine Optimisation. An example of word editor for hypertext is shown below:-

Word Editor

HTML Editor

More information on the word to HTML conversion can be found here

More information on the word to HTML conversion can be found <a href=”https://writingtools.net/”>here</a>

How Do You Convert Word to HTML ?

Writing Tools

Type or Paste

Copy the document you want to convert to HTML and paste it on the word editor. Ensure that the numbering, bullet points, tab-ins and other formatting options are the way you want them to be.

One Click Conversion

Click on the HTML editor. Ensure all the codes are correctly placed. Click on “clear document” to erase any in-excess formats. Click back to the word editor to confirm the document formatting hasn’t changed.


Go back to the HTML editor, copy the document as it is and copy it on the webpage, blog post or any other online page. Publish the document to see if the intended format is achieved.


If the post doesn’t have the intended features, repeat the same process until it is perfect.

What Are the Benefits of Converting Word to HTML?

  • It helps content developers who do understand the HTML codes to execute their work. One can be a good writer but if the information is not portrayed in the right format, the intended meaning might be lost. Also, the chronology of thoughts and outline might be lost if not well placed.
  • It helps convert the information from one form to another; from normal words to data understood by computer programs. In computing languages, the HTML editor consumes data in different forms from the normal word editor. If not portrayed in the right format, the original meaning might be lost.
  • It saves the writer the hustle of mastering all HTML codes. He or she just pastes the document on the editor and it decodes the content into a format that can be used on the web pages. There are too many online editing formats for one to capture. The HTML editor provides all in second, making the writer’s work easier.
  • It helps in self-teaching content developers who are not conversant with HTML coding. Continuous use of the program makes one learn which codes and format to use, the HTML punctuations and other coding works. The experience learnt is essential in understanding digital marketing.
Writing Tools

How is Writing Tools’ Word to HTML Converter Unique?

The Word to HTML converter on Writing Tools presents more than just one service to the user. It compliments all article writing services to provide a one-stop-shop. Other services offered on Writing Tools include:

  • Article Writing Services: Serves all content development needs.
  • Character Counter: It helps count all characters in a text, including spaces and punctuation marks.
  • Title Capitalisation: Aids in the configuration of titles based on writing formats.
  • Unit Converter: With different measurement media, Writing Tools gives you the universally accepted units of measurements in one place.
  • Password Generator: For the security of your online accounts, Writing Tools provides an algorithm that makes it difficult for intruders to gain access to your private information.

Frequently Ask Questions

Can Word to HTML Converter affect the word arrangement in a text?

No. Word to HTML converter only addresses the punctuations, indexing, hypertexts and other accessories. It does not touch on the core meaning of the content. However, some punctuation on a word (like an apostrophe) are configured to suit the HTML codes. When turned into the word editor, the HTML tags fit in.

Are there different types of HTML Codes?

Yes. However, when the wordings are turned into a word editor, the intended meaning remains the same. A good example is the Italics format. Some web pages accept 'i' tag while others take 'em' tag.

What other services are offered on the Word to HTML Converter at Writing Tools?

HTML clean-ups: It entails doing away with unnecessary texts that might affect the final text.
Content Downloads: The final document can be downloaded and used on another web page.
Auto save: In case there is interference brought by power black-out or accidental deleting, the system saves you work after every edit.
Numerous fonts: The application is linked to Google fonts. The text can use any of your choices.
Word, PDF, and other document formats to HTML: The application can extract and modify all document formats into HTML and back.