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Top 10 Grammar Checkers for Proofreading Your Work

Writing content is not a walk in the park. You need to research your audience and the topic. Besides, you have to find the best way to connect with your audience. After spending time writing an article, essay, or eBook, you should allocate time for proofreading. However, even the best editors will still miss wrong spellings or incorrect punctuation. Luckily, you can find various tools online to polish your writing to perfection. Apart from grammar checkers, the title capitalization tool will also come in handy. Read on to find out tried and tested grammar checkers that will make content creation easy.


Grammarly is arguably the best writing app. It has all the necessary tools to make your content flawless. You can taste the waters with the free version before purchasing the premium service using Grammarly student discount. Once you sign up, you can import your text for editing or type your articles inside the tool. Grammarly supports free browser extensions meaning you do not have to worry about compatibility. So how does Grammarly work? Once you paste text or upload a document, all the errors and mistakes will be automatically underlined. The free version can detect up to 150 types of errors while the premium detects over 250 errors.

What type of errors does Grammarly detect? It picks out punctuation errors, issues with the sentence structure, and contextual spellings. You can also use it for title capitalization and identifying the passive voice in your sentence. You can enjoy the premium version with Grammarly student discount. With a premium version, the writing app can check for plagiarism and provide a readability score. You also have the option of forwarding your work to a human proofreader for further checking.

ProWriting Aid

Students make numerous structural errors when writing their assignments and essays. Before submitting their work, students should consider using ProWriting Aid to edit their work. The editing tool is quite adept at pointing out mistakes in the sentence structures and repetitive phrases in the text. You can also use it to capitalize title and check errors in punctuations.

Apart from identifying mistakes, it offers useful suggestions for correcting your assignments. The premium version has additional features for better grammar checking. However, its free version is superior and can provide adequate services. Its efficiency in identifying structural errors and affordability makes it ideal for students.


Ginger Software can save you the embarrassment of posting or sending emails with errors. You can use the app or the keyboard version to improve your communication skills. Ginger identifies and fixes grammar errors and spelling mistakes accurately. It also fixes sentence structures and punctuation mistakes.

You can integrate the app or the keyboard with various social media apps. The vocabulary enhancement capability features synonyms and the addition of missing words. The edits are quick and highly accurate. The keyboard and app can also predict the next words when you are writing.

Hemmingway App

Hemmingway editor is proficient in making your text easy to read. Therefore, it highlights passive voice in your writing, complex sentences, and adverbs. Its ability to check readability can improve your writing skills. Unfortunately, Hemmingway may not help correct grammatical errors or as a title capitalization tool. It is only suitable for copyediting and perfecting your phrases and writing style.


Since its inception in 2002, Whitesmoke software has gained popularity in providing proofreading services. You can use it to double-check your articles for errors. It will notify you of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and issues with the sentence structure. Apart from punctuation, it is helpful in title capitalization. You can use the software on various browsers or use the app. The free version, Whitesmoke Essential, works with browsers only. However, the premium version is compatible with multiple devices and has additional features. Apart from editing your articles, you can also take advantage of the templates for working on various writing projects.

Paper Rater

Paper Rater analyses your readability score aside from running grammar checks. You can set the reading level and use the tool to make adjustments. You can also check for plagiarism and enhance your vocabulary using the in-built dictionary.


If you want an SEO-friendly and error-free text, GrammarChecker should be your go-to tool. It is efficient in vocabulary enhancement by finding synonyms and swapping out words in a text. You can even rewrite short pieces using the text editor. While it only works with browsers, it can support various languages. You can write your text on the textbox, or you can import a word document. The first check can identify errors in sentence structure and grammar. You can also do an in-depth check for advanced editing. Grammarchecker is affordable and easy to use.


Do you write text in various languages? If you need translation, Reverso is an excellent tool for editing and translating documents into multiple languages. It is also accurate in identifying errors and making suggestions for correction. You can use Reverso through Google chrome plugin or other browsers. It also has an app for android and iPhones. You can use the in-build dictionary to find synonyms and check definitions. Using Reverso can improve your writing skills since the tool provides multiple avenues to enhance your language.

After the Deadline

If you are a blogger, After the Deadline is the best editing tool to use with your WordPress site. It highlights grammar and style errors, and it notifies you of any misused words. After the Deadline editing tool is easy to use via the WordPress plugin or chrome. Therefore, if you write blog posts, you should consider this editing tool before you hit publish.

Language Tool

Language Tool is useful as an add-on for Google Docs and other browsers. It is efficient in grammar checks and punctuation. For instance, when I am in doubt on how to capitalize titles, the Language tool comes in handy. You can use the free version, which has a character limitation of 20,000. However, the paid plans offer more features.

Every grammar check has fantastic features. Therefore, to the text edits you need to find an editing tool that complements your writing style.

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