publicly or publically

Publicly or Publically

Do you ever need to use the adverb for ‘public’ and do not know the correct spelling? Is it publicly or publically? Most people tend to write it as publically. Besides, most adverbs that end with an ‘-ic’ become ‘-ically’ when used as adjectives. Here are a few examples:

1. Athletic becomes athletically.

2. Pathetic becomes pathetically.

3. Strategic becomes strategically.

4. Majestic becomes majestically.

How about ‘public?’

Writers who use ‘publically’ should know that it is regarded as a misspelling. The correct spelling is ‘publicly.’ However, this mistake has become common, and some dictionaries have decided to add it as an alternative spelling. Therefore, you can use this spelling and get away with it even though it is not an official spelling. Although both words can be used interchangeably, most people will say that ‘publically’ is incorrect.

Many writers use the word ‘publically,’ but there is a large number of people who prefer to use it as it was originally spelled. It is also the only word that you will find in your dictionary that ends with ‘-icly.’ Therefore, the fact that it is normally misspelled is a little baffling.

Publicly or publically. The final verdict

If you are committed to using the correct spelling of words, then you should use ‘publicly.’ Although there is an ever-increasing use of ‘publically,’ its correctness is usually questionable. To be on the safe side, stick to the original spelling, ‘publicly.’

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