Is Of Capitalized in a Title

Is Of Capitalized in a Title?

Capitalizing of correctly is simple. Unlike other words previously discussed in our blog, it has only one grammatical function; of is a preposition, and all capitalization style guides agree that short prepositions must not be capitalized in titles and headings.

  • Queen of England
  • The End of Time
  • State-of-the-Art Machinery

However, there are exceptions for the first and last word of a title:

First Word

You should always capitalize the first word of a title or headline:

  • Of Cats and Dragons

Last Word

Of can be used as the last word of a title. Its object occurs earlier in the title, and this of to be referred to as a dangling, hanging, or stranded preposition.

AMA, APA, and Bluebook styles do not have a rule for always capitalizing the last word of a title and of remains uncapitalized:

  • The Best You Can Think of

AP, MLA, Chicago, New York Times, and Wikipedia require capitalizing the last word of a title:

  • What Did You Think Of?

In case the object of the short preposition is missing, and the title ends with an ellipsis, of is uncapitalized in all styles.

  • In the Name of …

Use this title capitalizer to capitalize your headings and titles correctly automatically!

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