Is Is Capitalized in a Title?

Should you capitalize is in headings and titles? The answer is yes! Is should be capitalized since it is a verb, and verbs must be capitalized in title case.

The long answer: Despite popular belief, title case does not require that all short words be lowercased. However, word length plays a role; for instance, some styles lowercase prepositions with a maximum of three letters but capitalize longer ones, but the word class is more crucial. Only conjunctions, articles and short prepositions are lowercased in title case. You should capitalize verbs, regardless of how long or short they are. This includes two-letter verbs like do, be, and is.

Check out these examples of correctly capitalized titles:

  • This Is My House
  • The Sky Is Blue
  • All I Have Is You
  • This Is My Life

Not sure which words to capitalize in a title? Use this title capitalizer, which automatically capitalizes your titles correctly.

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