Is And Capitalized in a Title?

And is a coordinating conjunction. Thus it should not be capitalized in a title or heading unless it is the first word. Others are ornorbutforyet, and so. But and for are not always used as conjunctions, yet and so are treated differently by various style guides.

However, this does apply to and: It is always coordinating conjunction, and lowercased according to all style guides.

  • The Mad Man and the Bicycle
  • Line up and Be Voted
  • Push and Pull Technicality

 Also, this applies when and is in a short form of n:

  • I Was at Beck n Call
  • Sugar Spice

Special Cases

First Word

There is an exception for the first word of a title, which is always capitalized.

  • And They Sent Her Away

Elliptical Titles

And, occurs as the last word of a title only when an ellipsis follows it. A title can also begin with an ellipsis that is followed by and. However, and should not be capitalized in whichever circumstances

  • The Kids Played Together and …
  • … and Now You Can Leave