Capitalization of About in a Title

Is About Capitalized in a Title?

When do you capitalize the word about in a headline or title? Capitalization of about depends on several factors;

  • The position of about in the title
  • Its grammatical function
  • The style guide you are following

Find the various cases discussed below:

First or Last Word

Capitalize about when it is the first or last word in a title or headline.

  • About Previous Years
  • Something to Laugh About

AMA, AP, APA, Bluebook, New York Times, and Wikipedia Style

It is easier to use about if you are following the above style guides. They capitalize all words with more than three letters (AMA, AP, APA, and New York Times) or more than four letters (Bluebook and Wikipedia). Thus, capitalize about since it has five letters.

  • All About Nightingales Adventures
  • Can’t Stop Thinking About Khaleesi

Chicago and MLA Style

Chicago and MLA styles never capitalize prepositions, no matter the length. Thus, about is not capitalized in these styles.

Capitalize about in the following cases:


Capitalize about when it is an adverb, and in the following cases.

  • In the construction about to + verb, 
  • When about can be replaced with approximately or almost
  • When it is used as part of a phrasal verb (e.g., bring about)


  • Layla Is About to Sleep
  • I Was About to Cheer Him
  • That’s Just About Religious
  • Learn to Bring About Change
  • The Rain Brought About Food Abundance


Capitalize about when used as an adjective, as in the following example;

  • Be Elite and About Success


When about is a preposition, it is not capitalized in Chicago and MLA style guides.

  • Mad about You
  • The Lies about What Motivates Us
  • 5 Radio Programs to Be Excited about in 2021

About becomes a preposition when replaced with regarding or concerning; however, this works when the word order changes.

  • Be excited regarding these five Radio Programs in 2021

Capitalizing ’Bout

When you shorten about to ’bout, then the style guide rules still apply. However, Bluebook and Wikipedia style lowercases ’bout since it has four letters. Chicago and MLA style lowercases ’bout when used as a preposition as in the case below.

  • Isn’t Thinking ’bout Keion

When using AMA, AP, APA, or New York Times technique, ’bout is capitalized.

  • Am ’Bout My Life Journey


Consider various factors when capitalizing about to avoid errors. These factors are; the style guide, its position in the title, and grammatical use. 

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