Capitalization of A

Is a Capitalized in a Title?

When should you capitalize the word a in a headline or title? Knowing when to capitalize a is important to avoid simple grammatical errors. Below are cases when you should capitalize a:

Title Case

First Word

A is capitalized when it is the first word in a title. This also applies to an.

  • A Beautiful Sunday Morning
  • An Amazing Woman


When a (or an) is used as an article and is not the first word, it must be in lowercase. 

Lowercase applies to all articles in the title case style.

  • About a Man
  • The Beginning of an Era


According to Merriam Webster, it classifies a as a preposition when it means in each, per, or for each as for example in “once a fortnight”. However, a is lowercased in the title case whether used as an article or a preposition.

  • Twice a Year
  • Thrice a Month


Have you ever used a as a noun before? Reflect on; A bus, block A, exhibit A, and Pole A 

Always capitalize A when used as a noun.

Here are a few examples:

  • Fill Basin B in Hole A
  • Pipe No. 7 is A Source
  • How to Attain Grade A in Chemistry

It is in the human capacity to recognize when A is a noun. These cases pose a problem to algorithms and converters, which lowercase a.

However, this Title Capitalizer handles all these examples.

Last Word

All style guides have the rule to capitalize the last word in a title except APA Publication Manual.

There are two potentials when can be the last word in a title or headline: 

1) It is a noun. Thus, the above capitalization rules apply.

  • What You Should Know About Vitamin A

 2) It is an article, but the following word is omitted and replaced by an ellipsis.

  • At the Beginning 

Sentence Case

The use of A in sentence case is almost the same as in the title case. Therefore, Capitalize a when it is the first word of the title or used as a noun, and lowercased else.

When a refers to the letter, it can be either lowercase or capitalized; both options are correct.

  • There is no A in “ option”
  • There is no a in “option”


Capitalize a when it is the first word of the title or used as a noun. Also, capitalize a when it is the last word in a title in all style guides except APA Publication Manual. However, when used as an article and preposition, a is lowercased.

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