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What is an Internet Speed Test?

An Internet speed test is a process used on both mobile and computer browsers to check the internet speed. It is set on a “measurement lab” with the IP address forming the core infrastructure. The activity takes between 15 to 30 seconds. Such information can be

interpreted to understand how an internet user can download or upload a file. It also estimates the time taken for such activity. The data may fluctuate with time depending on the location and internet intensity to the IP address. Other factors include the background data on the browser or medium and external infrastructure interference.

How Does Internet Speed Test Work?

Speed test runs on a transmission control protocol (TCP) using JavaScript, WebSockets, and html5 as the operating standards. What is measured is the download and upload speeds, and the latency (ping). The speed test media sends some binary files to the internet server, which are relayed back. The speed at which the files go to the serves determines the uploading speed while the speed by which the files are relayed back to the computer is the downloading speed. The communication between the two media within the same network is considered as ping or latency.

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How Do You Interpret Internet Speed Test Results?

Most broadband service providers offer internet speed in bundles. A certain amount is bundled to a certain internet speed. It makes speed test a requirement to see if you are getting value for your money.

Downloading Speed

This is the measurement of how fast the internet content is transferred from the servers to your computer. It gives a rough estimate of how long a file can take to download. If you like binge-watching or streaming, the download speed is essential. A higher figure represents a faster download.

Uploading Speed

It shows how fast content can be transferred from your computer to the servers. It gives you the speed of which you share files (videos, music, and images) on the internet. A higher speed means a better uploading speed.


this is the estimation of how data moves from one computer to another in a network. The server used in this network is tested to ascertain the time it takes for this movement. The lower the ping figure, the better the service.

What Factors Can Affect Internet Speed Test?

  • The number of users in the network if the number of people using the internet in your network at a given time is high (rush hour), the speed test will be lower. The reverse is true. If you want to get the actual speed of your internet, conduct the test at odd hours.
  • The number of devices connected to the home internet if you have more devices connected to the internet with open browsers and applications, the speed will be lower. For a correct estimation, ensure that only one device is connected, and only the testing media (application or browser) is open.
  • Internet conveyance internet speed measured on a Wi-Fi router, a modem, or a cabled connector will give different readings. Cabled internet gives the highest readings over the other media. Also, the computer processor determines the speed of the internet. A Core i7 computer will give a higher reading than a Core i3. For more accurate speed test, go for a machine with high processing speed and cabled internet.
  • Location the process of speed test revolves around sending and receiving information between the server and the computer. If the server is nearer to the computer, the reading will be faster compared to a server located far away. However, the testing media can either automatically pick the closest server or allow you to pick the preferred server. The difference in distance determines the accuracy and remittance of the results.
  • Types of files speed tests are done using sample files. Files have different coding structures. Different files used during the speed test will show varied download/upload speeds. This is one of the reasons why tests that are done simultaneously give varying internet speeds. Also, if more people are performing an internet speed test at the same time on one server, the speed recorded will vary.

Frequently Asked Questions About Internet Speed Test

How do I speed up my internet connection?

1. Contact your internet service provider to confirm that your router or equipment is updated. This includes the modem, computer, or bandwidth. If it is a problem, request an upgrade.
2. Optimise the connection to keep the router/media up to date. This can be done through:
. Troubleshoot often to clear any bugs within the connection.
. Do the speed test frequently to ascertain the average speed.
· Limit the number of devices connected to your internet service.
· Place your router closer to your computer, digital TV, or phone. Internet speed is affected by the distance between the router and the device. It maintains the high speed set by the ISP.
· If the problem is none of the above, check for another ISP within your locality and change your subscription.

Why is it taking long for my computer to get the speed test?

1. Your computer might have a firewall that is blocking access to the nearby servers.
2. There might be more than one device connected to the home router.
3. There might be a rush hour on the ISP network.
4. The browsers used for speed tests might vary the result based on their connectivity, size, and capabilities.

Is the speed test figure decided by the ISP?

Internet speed is set by the ISP based on the bundle you subscribed to. Any lower reading on the test figures should be directed to them for rectification.