HostJaer Web Hosting Company in Kenya Review

HostJaer is a significant player in web hosting and domain registration services in Kenya. Thanks to its revolutionary technology and services, it prides itself on being one of the fastest-growing companies in its category. Primarily, it is a website hosting company and a domain registrar in Kenya, but there are other complementary services up its sleeves. We will share these services and how they impact the online space. 

Website Hosting in Kenya

HostJaer’s web hosting tagline, “We have the right tools to help you succeed in the online space,” clearly indicates a forward-thinking company. It not only hosts websites but also offers services and infrastructure to make the whole experience seamless. Some of the most competitive features of web hosting include:

Pricing – comparing HostJaer’s costing ratio with other service providers, customers get value for money. They get the best services worth their investment and enjoy superior features.

Modern Hosting Technology – HostJaer runs on an NVMe SSD system, which is one of the most recent online storage platforms. It is the reason why the company can manage daily backups. Other notable web hosting technologies include DDoS protection, MySQL databases and a feature-rich control panel (cPanel) for all domain accounts.

Unlimited Free SSL – Online security is key for every website, and HostJaer gives it out for free with all its domains. Other service providers charge it separately or limit the number of URLs the SSL can run. HostJaer gives it out for free for all its domains and URLs. 

99.99 Uptime Guarantee – With HostJaer, rest assured that your website will always be online, up and running, and live. They have every infrastructure needed to keep your website live, regardless of the time, location or issue. 

To enjoy HostJaer’s web hosting in Kenya services, choose between the 3 packages – bronze, silver and gold – and enjoy unparalleled services. 

Domain Registration in Kenya

HostJaer is an accredited domain registrar in Kenya, managing the onboarding and servicing.KE domains in Kenya. It runs as Alpha Savvy Logistics LTD (the parent company), which is discoverable on the registrar’s roll on KeNIC. Essentially, every .KE, .CO.KE, .OR.KE, .AC.KE and any other TLD with a .KE suffix registered under HostJaer is recognised in Kenya. It is also licensed to register .COM, .NET and .ORG domains worldwide. Therefore, whichever domain you want to register, HostJaer is your go-to partner. 

For as low as KES 1,199, you get a .KE suffix TLD valid for one year. Customers who want a .COM, .NET or .ORG can get it from HostJaer at KES 2,100. All domains are valid for 1 year from the date of registration. The following are the advantages of using HostJaer as your domain registration service provider:

  1. HostJaer’s prices are competitive in the market. Comparing it with other service providers in Kenya, HostJaer is 25% cheaper*.
  2. The process is easy and fast – the domain registration process takes at most 5 minutes. Once you find your ideal domain name, moving it to the cart and purchasing it takes less than 5 minutes. It has a push notification that processes payment faster, ridding you of the necessity to cram business numbers and accounts. 
  3. There are no hidden charges – once you register on HostJaer, there are no additional charges in between. The next time you pay for the domain is when you renew it at the end of the fiscal year. 

E-mail Hosting Services

E-mail services work the same way as web hosting services, only that it is not linked to any website or online platform. It is a safe space for internal communication, which helps you manage to and from messages sent across the platform. All you have to do is buy hosting and domain name from HostJaer and create e-mail accounts. With e-mail hosting from HostJaer, you are guaranteed the following:

  • Controlled information management – You control all communication passing through your system.
  • Privacy – no one other than the appointed persons can access any communique from the e-mails. The domain’s security deters any unwanted access externally. 
  • Custom-made e-mails – It is easy to know where the e-mail originated since every e-mail is linked to a domain name. For example, if your company’s domain is, any e-mail from that domain points to where the e-mail came from. 

Website Development and Management

Website development is a complementary service within the web hosting space. They are the constructs built off web hosting and domain registration services. If you want an end-to-end online service, HostJaer can set it up and manage the entire experience. The services included in this package include:

  • Website coding – If you want to create a website from scratch, HostJaer has the capacity and manpower to manage the whole experience.
  • Theme customisation – Based on your website requirements, HostJaer can customise it to your taste and set it up for use. 
  • Integration – If you need M-PESA or any other plugin integration, HostJaer is your go-to partner. Their resource base can create and manage the integration process. Compared to other service providers in their range, HostJaer website integration cost is competitive, charging between KES 5,000 and KES 7,500.

Digital Facilitation Services

HostJaer also has a digital marketing department responsible for improving a website’s growth and development. It handles the following services:

  • SEO – Search engine optimisation is an important function in digital marketing, which involves aligning the website to search engines. HostJaer can also provide SEO-compliant content if given the topic of discussion. Other activities within this service include keyword research, back-linking and internal linking. 
  • Content development and management – HostJaer is part of a larger marketing group that offers an end-to-end digital experience. Part of the services provided is content development. From blog content to technical service writing, HostJaer has an editorial team that drafts, proofreads and edits the content to perfection. 
  • Social Media Marketing – If you need an agency that can handle social media from conceptualisation to posting, HostJaer is your plug. The offer comes alongside graphic design, content scheduling, user experience and sales leads. 

Other digital facilitation services include 

  • Graphic and poster design
  • Digital marketing research, and 
  • Content optimisation.

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