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8 Tips on How to Beat Writer’s Block

Writer’s block comes about when a writer cannot come up with fresh ideas for an article or essay. This is a result of either writing too much or being unable to come up with unique ideas.

If you are struggling with writer’s block, here are eight tips below to help you start writing again.

Is writer’s block a real thing?

Many people will agree that writer’s block is real. Regardless of your profession, you probably have sat down to write a short article or essay and struggled to get started. However, this situation is really what you decide to make of it. Nevertheless, we have some simple tips that will help you to start writing regardless of the situation.

Eight ways to fight writer’s block

Below we have listed methods to combat writer’s block. Not all of these tips will work for you. However, you should test each of them and see if they help to reduce writer’s block.

1. Taking a break

Sometimes a slight thing like going for a walk can clear your mind and bring back your creativity. Go for a stroll around your block and feel the tranquillity of nature. The fresh air and exercise will help to release stress and tension, and you will be back to writing in no time.

2. Changing your environment

We all like writing in one specific spot. Well, this may be the cause of the writer’s block you are struggling with. Go to a friend’s place or another room. This change of scenery will bring in new ideas and pique your creativity.

3. Create a format for writing

Whenever we want to write, we get tons of ideas. With writer’s block, you find it challenging to put these ideas down. If you are unable to start writing, you can begin by outlining these thoughts in point form. Not all ideas will fit in your list. Therefore, jot them at the bottom of your list and try to relate them to what you have outlined. Remember that this outline does not have to be the final thing. It is just something to get you started.

4. Do consciousness writing

Are you doubting your thoughts and can’t start writing? Sometimes it is best to write whatever you have in mind even if it is not related to what you should write. Remove all distractions and write whatever you have in mind for 20 to 30 minutesDo not bother with title capitalization, spelling, and grammar.  This method is called as “free writing”.

5. Meditation

Meditation will give you many health benefits. Apps like Calm will help you to take a moment and focus on yourself. This downtime will help you to relax and be ready to start writing.

6. Use social media and read news

Social media has often been labelled as a distraction by writers. But did you know that taking time off and watching funny videos of social media can help you to fight writer’s block? Use visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, which are able to spark creativity. Searching for topics and hashtags that are related to what you want to write about will give you ideas and awaken the creativity in you.

Reading news headlines and newspapers can also give you the right perspective on the topic you want to write about.

7. Listening to music

Music has been scientifically proven to boost creativity. Therefore, listening to music will help to spark creativity when you are trying to write down new ideas. Listening to instrumentals can be most useful since lyrics tend to distract our minds to thinking about other things that are not related to the topic in hand. A Spotify playlist like Deep Focus or ambient sounds such as rain or cafe sounds will help you to relax and think of fresh ideas.

8. Public accountability

No one likes the thought of public embarrassment. Well, this can be used a motivation by writers. Make a post on social media or call a loved one and notify them that you will post an article that day. Promise them something if you fail to make the post. This is a sure way of getting you started and beating writer’s block.

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